Here’s a clip of me rehearsing “Capriccio, Movement 1” by Carlo Yvon with my trio members this past Thursday! Our Friday performance went really well!

IG: @mylesamirandtheoboe

There are so many times when I just want to give up, run away, tell myself that I will never be able to fix my old habits, yet…when I listen to a beautiful oboe piece, and listen to the oboe’s piercing clarity, and breathtaking tone, I just can’t. Listening to a beautiful oboe is like a reminder of what beauty is in the world to me, and the goosebumps and shivers I get down my spine is like a physical memory I can’t deny, a reminder of why the oboe has enchanted me for so long. I just can’t give up on something so beautiful, no matter how difficult. I guess the oboe has become a part of myself, and my passion for it since childhood, although I can’t explain it, has become a mystical and magic attachment that i can’t let go of. It’s amazing how such a small thing, the pure tone of the oboe, is the only reminder I need not to give up, and to find purpose and inspiration when I have none. Truly, it is a magical instrument, and I feel like us oboists will never be able to not be entranced with its enchanting tone